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Why rise

  • Dollar denominated investments

    Generations of Africans have worked hard and invested over years only to see their efforts at wealth creation hindered due to high inflation, low growth and currency devaluation. The richest among us avoid these and grow their wealth by investing globally in dollar denominated investments scattered across the world or in sophisticated assets at home. But every day people had no access to these kind of investments, until now.

  • Registered investment adviser

    Rise is a globally regulated investment adviser that has made it possible for all Africans to invest at home or across the world in dollars and in their local currency. Expert managers research and discover the investments, build the portfolios into Rise and then provide regular updates to investors so that you can follow how your money is growing.

  • 8% to 15%

    We offer investments across real estate, stocks, and fixed income, historically generating between 8% to 15% and more in returns for users. All users are welcome, and as a US Securities and Exchange Commission registered investment adviser (RIA), you can be assured of our fiduciary responsibility to support your investment journey.

    Sign up on Rise, create and fund a plan, and let us help you create long-term wealth in the markets.

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