Dollar investments that help you grow

We put your money in high quality assets that help you build wealth and achieve your financial goals.

Invest your money in dollars

By holding your investments in a stable currency, your money grows more over time and retains its value better.

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Choose what's best for you

Unlike other platforms, Rise lets you pick between stocks, US real estate and fixed income, according to your risk appetite. That way you can spread your risk and tap into different investments all in one place.

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Set goals and reach them

You can invest towards a goal on Rise--retirement, higher education, save for your home or travel budgets. Or create a goal of your own and invest periodically to achieve them.

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We remember so you dont have to

Our Auto-invest feature makes it easy to stay consistent, even when you forget. Set a funding amount, frequency and payment method and Rise will automatically fund your investment, on schedule.

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Asset Classes

It’s your money, choose where you invest it



We help you invest and manage your money by investing in our portfolio of 30 high-growth stocks across the US market with our equity portfolio of power stocks.

Historical Returns: 14% per annum

Risk Level: High

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Real Estate

Real Estate

Our Real Estate plan is the sweet middle. Best for those who want a balance of good returns and medium risk. This plan invests in rented buildings in the US.

Historical Returns: 14% per annum

Risk Level: Medium

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Fixed Income

Fixed Income

A low-risk asset perfect for anyone who wants to protect their money in a secure, appreciating currency, i.e. the dollar. For people who want to protect their hard-earned money from inflation while earning steady returns.

Historical Returns: 10% per annum

Risk Level: Low

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Save for your future

With Rise, you achieve your financial goals faster. Save for school, your home, vacations, your children’s future and more.

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How we are Regulated

Rise is registered and regulated both in the US and in Nigeria. The founder is registered as an investment adviser with the US SEC. The Nigerian SEC regulates Rise's Nigerian investments through a trusteeship agreement with ARM Trustees, who oversees investments on behalf of the users. And a registered investment subsidiary holds all users' assets regulated in the US

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Our mission at Risevest is to empower more people just like you to achieve your personal financial goals.

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Dollar investments that help you grow