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Rise gives you access to a carefully selected portfolio of global investments, across US stocks, US real estate and fixed income assets.

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techstars,Flutterwave, Convera, Ventures Platform and ARM

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Explore an array of investment options that offer superior returns, curated and managed by experts, all from the comfort of your device. Simple, right?

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We bring the world's best companies to you.

The Rise stock portfolio is a selection of stocks of the world's most profitable companies, curated by experts to deliver great long term returns.

We bring the world's best companies to you.

We offer diverse investment options.

Our real estate offering is a portfolio of rental properties in the US that provide steady monthly returns, price appreciation and capital gains. Your investments are more stable and protect you from market declines.

We offer diverse investment options.

There's something for everyone.

Looking for stable and safe returns? Our fixed-income portfolio delivers consistent returns annually and is perfect for low-risk investors

There's something for everyone.

Invest toward your goals.

Rise gives you the ability to choose a financial goal, whether tuition, a wedding, travel or retirement and put money away regularly toward them.

Invest toward your goals.

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With the Rise US virtual card, you can pay for your subscriptions, shop online and enjoy a monthly transaction limit of up to $10,000.

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  • Eke Urum

    Eke Urum

    Founder & CEO

  • Sheriff Adeoti

    Sheriff Adeoti

    Finance lead

  • Damilare Akinlotan

    Damilare Akinlotan


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