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The telegram group was built because Rise understands that the journey to building wealth does not have to be lonely, and when you have questions on wealth building and accumulation, you don’t have to look far.

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What our community offers

Sharing Financial Insights:

Rise community is a platform for sharing valuable financial insights. Members can network with like-minded individuals for advice and insights.

Motivational Success Stories:

Members share success stories, serving as motivation and inspiration for others.

Learning Opportunities:

Members share tips, strategies, and educational resources on investing. Both new and experienced investors benefit from staying informed about market trends.

Live and Virtual Events:

Rise organizes live and virtual events for interaction with experts. Members can ask questions and deepen their understanding of the investment landscape.

Exclusive Updates and Information:

Being part of the community grants access to exclusive updates and news. Members receive information about Rise products, investment opportunities, and events.

Overall Goal:

The community aims to help individuals improve their personal finances. Rise is dedicated to assisting members in making, managing, and investing money effectively

Hear From our Members

For me, the Rise Telegram Community serves as a great platform to soak up lots of invaluable information about finance, investments, savings, stock market, real estate and everything in between. I think there are members of the community that never sleep!


Join the Rise Community

Our Telegram community surrounds you with others who can help you along your financial journey with tips, advice and learning. It's completely free and open to new and seasoned investors.

Join our community

The telegram community has helped me in my wealth-growth journey. I have been able to increase my knowledge and net worth as a result of the quality information I receive from the group. Between The TGIF sessions, the Sunday school class book review and the conversations between members of the telegram group, you can't remain the same!


I joined the Risevest community with no expectations and stayed for the wealth of knowledge about money, investing and finance in general. It's an amazing place to belong to as someone who's working towards achieving her dreams and who needs to do better with her finances in general.


A highlight for me as a Risevest user is the telegram group. Over here nobody is left behind when it comes to financial literacy, understanding the app and services provided by the risevest team


For me the best thing about the telegram group is the IM-style access to the Rise team for questions and thoughts that may not warrant contacting customer support. I also enjoy being able to discuss Rise-specific issues with other users in a controlled environment.


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