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  • Rise works like a personal investment manager and adviser that lives on your smartphone, helping you invest in dollar denominated assets carefully selected to deliver safe, consistent dollar returns over time.

  • Rise is the only platform that allows you to allocate capital across a portfolio of US stocks, US rental properties and global fixed income assets, all in dollars. We vet the assets for quality, long term potential and their capacity to deliver stable returns for you in all market conditions.

  • You can start investing from just $1 and there is no maximum. Rise can invest for you whether you’re just starting your journey or you have millions in capital to preserve.

  • For real estate and fixed income plans, youcan withdraw on maturity, and the shortest duration is 3 months. For stocks plan, there is no lockup period so you can withdraw at any time. All withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours.

  • Rise is registered in Delaware, USA and in Nigeria. All our investments are held with regulated third parties and we also work with SEC licensed trustees to provide oversight for our users.

  • No. Rise is a digital wealth manager, we provide managed portfolios selected and managed through our app. Users cannot trade or pick securities by themselves.

Rise Wallet

  • This amount is shown to you when you visit the wallet page on the mobile app.

  • Yes, you can withdraw from your wallet at any time, but the interest is automatically paid into your wallet at the start of a new month. After that, you can then proceed to withdraw.

  • You can withdraw as many times as possible, there are no penalties.

  • Leaving money in your Rise wallet automatically earns you interest.

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