We are excited to announce that our team has moved to a new location in Yaba. We spent the previous year working in Jacob Mews Estate, Alagomeji and it served us well. Although we made great memories there, we couldn’t be more excited about our new office.

The new office is located at 358 Herbert Macaulay, Yaba, putting us right on the street and we’re excited about the hustle and bustle happening outside our window. We wanted a space that reflected the simplicity that is at the heart of the Rise brand and culture, enhancing the productivity of our team while staying connected to the users and community that makes Rise what it is. So, our in-house designer, Dare Ogunnaike, in collaboration with DHK Designs, crafted an office space elegantly designed to meet the needs of a young tech company with global ambitions. 

Here’s a photo tour of the office. 

Our reception area


The building’s facade was cladded with a system of grey perforated metal composite panels created based on the rising dots pattern that emanates from the dot in the rise logo. This same perforation was used in the side facade and site gate.


A feature characteristic of the interior is the bold, contrasting pops of colours that demarcate distinct areas. A variety of workspaces accommodates the diverse demands of Rise’s working environment, including one and two-person telephone booths to provide privacy for calls; and when a more isolated work environment is needed, break-out spaces, a lounge, and a sleek executive boardroom. 

The Ground Floor 

The Ground floor is where the customer service, marketing and content teams work during the day. The open floor plan allows team members to connect easily with one another, while still being closest to those within their department. Collaboration is important to the work we do. And we believe that it’s easier to get work done in a great atmosphere, and the new office definitely provides that. 

The First Floor

On the first floor, a series of honeycomb pods were introduced for isolated workstations dedicated to Engineering; a recording studio with acoustic insulation; a meeting lounge, and a boardroom. Each zone corresponds to colours that comprise rise’s branding, reinforcing the company’s identity while also providing visual interest and relief.

The Boardrooms

The boardrooms are where we host many of our client meetings, calls, and strategic discussions. We love this space to connect and make decisions on our ideas of how to keep Risevest awesome! As you can see, there is a leather chair and a TV that promotes an environment that is fun and functional. 

The Cafeteria 

We have a fully stocked cafeteria available for employees to grab a snack or drink throughout the day or make a cup of coffee to stay energised. It’s a great space to casually sit out and chat with colleagues or play a short game of foosball.

The Game Room 

All work and no play is a recipe for burnout, so to deal with burnout, we created a game room that will aid in de-stressing on a daily basis.

The Plants

This space is full of plants that bring a little bit of nature and scenery inside the office. Plus, just saying we are plant parents sounds cool, doesn’t it? 

Our new office space is designed to express Rise’s identity and values through a physical space that is varied enough to meet the functional requirements of 30+ employees and welcoming enough for our users and community to drop by to connect with us. 

We thank DHK Designs and Dare Ogunnaike, our in-house designer for creating a sense of continuity from our brand and product to our workspace.

The result is a fitting home and conducive atmosphere to pursue our mission as a company, which is to be the best investment manager for our users and to connect them to the best wealth-creating opportunities in the world.