Hello Risers, 

When we built Rise, our vision was to give you an intelligent investment manager in your pocket. Our product scans through some of the best assets from all around the world and gives you seamless access to them in dollars. And because we believe in being the best partners for your financial growth, we designed our fee structure so that we only make money when we make you money. 

Rise now manages money for over 180,000 people, and that number is growing rapidly. To thank our amazing users and partners for choosing Rise, we are glad to announce that we are dropping our fees from 2% of assets under management annually to 1% for those under $1,000 and ONLY 0.5% for users with more than $1,000 under management. 

Why did we make this change? 

The first reason is that as our user base grows and our algorithms get better, we actually can afford to charge you a lot less for doing far better work. The cost of our staff, research tools, and financial data access platforms can be spread across more users and assets under management, making it possible to deliver on our promise of better investment management for everyone without needing to charge a lot in fees. 

The second reason we lowered our fees is that we believe that our incentives and yours must be aligned. Lower fees for us means higher returns for you. Higher returns for you means you’re achieving your goals faster. And because we want you to achieve your goals faster, we are constantly looking for ways to charge you less. 

So from now on, management fees on Rise will now be 1% to manage below $1,000 or 0.5% for $1,000 and above. You can watch our announcement video here

This is our way of backing up Rise’s promise to be the simplest and most profitable way to build your long-term wealth. Happy investing!

Love and returns,