Performance At a Glance

Stocks — 4.77%

Real Estate —- 1.1%

Fixed Income —- 0.83%


February saw the US stock market drop by -2.81% due to continued inflation struggles. Inflation numbers came in stronger than expected despite all the efforts of the Federal reserve to contain them. The services sector and strong wage inflation helped keep prices higher than investors and analysts expected. Despite this, our stock portfolio posted a 4.77% increase, beating the index this month. 

We added the highly popular Crocs, Inc to the portfolio this month and pharmaceutical company, Assertio, which is already up 15% this month alone. We also continued to add to our positions in the overall portfolio, all of which helped to boost our performance. As always, our focus is to select and own high-quality companies regardless of market moves.

Real Estate 

We closed two new properties for our real estate portfolio, which we should rent out within the next month for additional returns for real estate investors. This month, the returns on our portfolio were a stable 1.1%. The US real estate market continued to experience price drops, as higher cost of capital makes mortgages less affordable. However, rental demand remains strong, and housing supply is still low, so returns should remain stable if we don’t experience a recession. With summer approaching, Airbnb demand is through the roof, and we expect to deploy more capital toward short-term rentals in the coming months. 

Fixed Income

Our fixed income return for this month was 0.83%. The outlook for fixed income markets generally is stable. While credit quality has deteriorated in some markets and higher rates have raised costs for most issuers, liquidity has remained very high, and demand has grown. For our portfolio, recession expectations are the only cloud on the horizon, which is currently a 50/50 possibility. However, we continue to monitor developments to ensure that our portfolio risks are well-managed and our investors can comfortably navigate any turbulence. 


Beyond our three assets, we are exploring additional conversations for new assets for investors. In the meantime, we will continue monitoring and tracking developments in the broad markets and help our users invest in the most viable opportunities at any moment. Thank you for a great February and we look forward to the next month.