On the back of a choppy first quarter, April was filled with uncertainty due to various economic and geopolitical risks. Here’s a report of all the ups-and-downs that happened last month. This report covers the highlights of all the asset classes on Rise in the month of April so that you get a holistic view of everything that has been happening and how it affects you.

Stocks —- 4.45%
Real Estate —- 1.3% Fixed Income —- 0.83%

In April, the lingering banking crisis persisted with concerns over First Republic Bank. Despite this, the US stock market ticked upward, driven mainly by big tech earnings, gaining 1.09% in April. Our Rise Equity portfolio had a strong performance in April 2023, with a gain of 4.45%, beating the benchmark index. Our outperformance was driven by several factors, including our decision to add Allison Transmission Holdings Inc. (ALSN) to our portfolio, which performed well during the month.

Additionally, we exited our position in Crocs Inc. as its future guidance figures are underwhelming. Our asset allocation strategy and investment approach continue to serve us well in the current market environment. We are also analysing the earnings results of our portfolio companies and will be making further adjustments to the stock portfolio as appropriate.

Looking ahead, we remain optimistic about the prospects for our portfolio as we continue to monitor market trends and make strategic decisions to optimise our returns. We will continue to stay disciplined in our investment strategy and remain committed to delivering strong results for our investors.

Real Estate 

Our real estate portfolio continues to deliver inflation-hedged returns in April, 2023. One of our properties became vacant and is currently being listed. Altogether, Our Rise Real estate portfolio did 1.3% this past month in rental income.

We expect home prices to continue to drop through the quarter, which is good for our earnings since rental demand and prices continue to be strong. 

With the threat of recession in the US economy looming, our real estate assets portfolio provides the stability investors need in these tough times. Don’t forget that with Rise, you can own real estate through our portfolio or purchase directly in your name if you prefer.

Fixed Income

On the fixed income side, our Rise Fixed Income portfolio returned a stable 0.83% in the month of April. The fixed income market is providing better yield, backing on the fact that the US Treasuries started paying 4% annualised interest rate on the US Treasury bonds.

We expect the Fed to hike interest rates in its next meeting and hold rates at elevated levels, which should make for a more stable environment for fixed income in 2023. Our outlook for fixed income still remains positive, as we expect the market to continue to strengthen despite worries of recession.

That’s April in a wrap. We are excited about all that May has in store for us. As your asset manager, we will continue to look for ways to serve you better and make your journey to financial success as smooth as possible.