We have a new name, a new look and investment options for everyone.

You probably know that we’ve been busy improving our platform to make it a better fit for everyone and their future. Months of planning, developing new products and overhauling our brand have led here: the all-new rise.capital

This is a big change for us and a leap in the right direction for you.

Why Rise?

When we added new investment options to our platform, we held sessions to pick a new name and decided on Rise. 

While our focus is still to help Nigerians invest and grow their money without the risk of Naira fluctuations and inflation, we recognise the value that can be created when you have multiple ways to grow your money. So we simplified our product to extend more opportunities for your wealth to ‘rise’. 

We believe Rise clearly embodies the ideology behind what we’ve been working on and where we’re heading. We love it and we hope you do too.

Rise’s Vision

We envision a world where investments, financing, and credit are accessible to everyone. You want your investments to rise, so do we. 

Studies show that the best way to invest long term is to consistently put your money in secure, appreciating assets and give them time to grow. A channel that is dollar-denominated and diverse in global assets makes your investment even better.

Rise will now simplify and automate investment, and make global assets more accessible to everyone with as little as N3,600*. We are taking the struggle out of global investment and making it easy for you to create a portfolio that we’ll grow for you.

What’s New About Rise?

We have a new website and an app.

Today, we are rolling out our all-new landing page which reflects who we are now as well as what we are offering. You’ll also see similar updates across all Rise platforms in the coming weeks. Check it out now at rise.capital.

New Features So You Can Invest Better

As the first platform to offer globally diversified dollar investments, we always want to provide more value. With CashEstate, you could invest in only dollar real estate investments. Now, we’ve added US Real Estate, US Stocks, US Venture Capital, and Fixed Income for you to choose from. See? There’s something for almost everyone. 

The possibilities of what you can do with Rise are endless. We are also here to help you learn sustainable ways to grow your money through our blog – MoneyRise. 

Rise has invested over $528,000 for more than 2,800 users who now own global assets that are shielded from devaluation and inflation. We plan to do more for you.

What’s Next?

We will continue to help your money rise, using technology to connect you with the best investment opportunities. 

As we navigate global investment options, we will add more interesting and profitable asset classes from around the world to make sure that your investments are protected and growing.

Head over to rise.capital to check out our new look, get early access and be one of the first people to get the Rise app.

Rise. Say it out loud. It’s fun to say, it’s powerful and it feels like us.