Historically, the stock market has been a wealth compounding asset for investors. Stock often outperforms other asset classes like bonds and real estate. However, the volatility in the stock market has always made it hard for retail (and even institutional) investors to navigate the choppy market profitably. Risevest makes a difference by helping the retail investor to build a portfolio of assets in the stock market optimized for growth and capital preservation.

The Rise Stock Index comprises some of the finest companies in the world. We selected them carefully for a balance between growth and capital preservation. These are companies that are innovating and building new products & services to make the world a better place.

Our investment thesis is simple; we don’t invest in fads or the next hot thing like GameStop. Instead, we invest in companies that are leading the market, innovating at scale, and designing business models that allow them to capture maximum value from their innovation.  Over the long term, these companies deliver excellent returns to our investors. Even though they may underperform in the short term.

We have written about a few of these companies in our portfolio; Shopify, Bumble, and CrowdStike. And you can read how we select those stocks from here.

Some of these companies are reporting double digits revenue growth. And some others are expanding their market to capture new value. The stocks composition helps us to ensure healthy growth and minimal pullbacks when the market is experiencing dips.

This is the process we have followed since 2019 when we started and it has brought great returns to our investors. In 2019 and 2020, the stock index returned 27% and 41% respectively.

Clearly, there are bound to be temporary market drawdowns. However, our investment process over the long term will help our investors to navigate the market and make great returns.

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