Hello Risers,
We are glad to share the ‘Road to 2024’ savings challenge with you.

What is the challenge about?

The idea behind the Road to 2024 challenge is to encourage you to save up some funds during the last few months of 2023 so that you have a good financial start to the new year 2024.

Why is it important for you to start saving towards 2024?

We all know the end of the year can be a busy time with lots of expenses caused by celebrations, gifting, travel and other unexpected costs.

By participating in this savings challenge, you are joining a group of Rise users who are keeping some money aside to ensure that 2024 kicks off on a good financial note.

How can you join the challenge?

  • Join our Telegram community by clicking on our bio and follow our community social media handle on IG
  • Create a 3 month real estate or fixed income plan and name it “Road to 2024”
  • Create a challenge username, it can be anything you like.
  • This username will only be used for the leaderboard.
  • Please fill out this form where you enter your challenge username and Rise email address – https://forms.gle/zLCaFkd8Z7e9c5S19 Add funds to your plan as consistently as you can.
  • Stand a chance to win prizes based on the volume of your funding.

Please note that we encourage you to bring in new funds for this challenge, instead of moving funds from your existing plans into the Road to 2024 plan.

Prizes To Be Won

Joining the challenge is free, the goal is to foster a savings and financial planning culture but we will be giving out cash prizes to the highest funders by January 14th, which is when the challenge ends.
You need to have a minimum of $300 in the Road to 2024 plan to be eligible for a prize.

Prize for highest funders

  • $100 for the top funder
  • $50 for the second top funder
  • $30 for the third top funder