You may be aware of the recent meltdown at Silicon Valley Bank, which led to the bank entering receivership with  the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). 

During episodes like this, many users ask questions about potential contagion and how Risevest manages users’ investments to prevent such risks from affecting their portfolios. We want to proactively share some perspectives with you.  

First, Risevest has no exposure or relationship with Silicon Valley Bank. As many know, we typically prefer to hold our US accounts with traditional banks like TD Bank, Bank of America etc. Our assets are also selected to minimize risk, and ensure long term stability. You can relax knowing we will always make the smart choice to ensure stable growth in your wealth.

As an asset management platform, our fixed income and wallet features are powered by providers who hold corporate bonds, consumer credit, real estate loans and other fixed income assets that are thoroughly vetted and intentionally held to strictly one year maturities.This way we can adjust rates based on market realities without taking undue risk.

We also hold assets across multiple asset classes like real estate, stocks and fixed income so that issues that impact any sector do not affect your entire portfolio. 

Collectively, we want our users to understand that situations like these happen during stressful times; however,our assets and investment process is designed to ensure  we help you navigate such times as stress-free as possible. 

Our first risk management framework is to estimate risk of loss and account for that before pushing for returns. Sometimes that means we pass up higher return opportunities because they are too risky. And at all times, we will communicate the risks involved in the assets you choose on Rise.

Thank you for choosing Rise to grow your wealth. In good and bad times, trust us to always navigate the markets to deliver long term growth to you