Financial freedom is a core desire of every human being.

It is an important state of existence to each of us because it basically means being able to pursue happiness in life without any restrictions.

In today’s world, financial freedom means being in control of our finances to the extent that we have control of our life choices.

Financial freedom really means reaching a level where we do not have to work for money because we have successfully invested money over time that now works for us.

What that looks like in real life is us spending our time and energy doing things that we really love to (travelling, pursuing that passion project, spending more time with loved ones and working) because we want to and not because we have to.

The point of financial freedom is being able to make our own life choices and this is a stage everyone can reach with precise financial planning.

In this edition of the Investment Club Meeting, we will be speaking with The Seven Dollar Millionaire about practical money habits we need to develop to reach our financial freedom state.

The Seven Dollar Millionaire is the author of the book “Happy Ever After Financial Freedom Isn’t a Fairytale”.  He has worked in finance for more than 20 years, selling billion-dollar deals and managing the assets of some of the world’s smartest investors.

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