My name is Temi Osoba and I’m 22 and I work in a Maritime Agency
in Lagos here not permanently, I just finished NYSC.

So yeah.

Okay so, um, my friend tweeted something about it,
so I think like she just signed up and I just saw like a random tweet on the TL about it, and I just decided to just download the app and then it just seemed pretty to me, like the app just literally seem pretty to me.

Then I read on your website and stuff, I read about it and then I just wanted to try basically.

Yeah you know like

There’ve been like a lot of Ponzi schemes and all of that like in the past like 2020, like a lot of us now are aware of it and all of that.

So that kind of like restricted me a bit.

But again, like I said like the app was pretty, and naira keeps falling
against the dollar.

So like the devaluation kind of made me just want to explore it.


I think it’s amazing cause the moment I got in, I like put my roommate on.

Okay first off, I’m a very likeable person, So yeah and I have a lot of friends.

So like just telling them that, I think they’ll just believe anything I like put them on to do you get.

So yeah, I will just tell them that,
“you know, the naira keeps falling, so I think you should do this.” Yeah.

So I don’t think there’s anyone that won’t reason with me with the present reality.

Most of the people that, most of my referrals are from work, to be honest, because there’re a lot of people- there are nine floors in my building

So there’re a lot of people that work there. So, and like I said, I’m
very likable and sociable.

All I have to do is just walk to them, walk up to them rather and talk to them. and say “oh I want to tell you about this app,

Then I want you to join because this is the present reality of the economy” and all of that.

Basically, and I will tell them that you just have to start with $10, which sounds reasonable because I’m not telling you to bring something that’s extraordinary.

I’m not saying bring a $1,000. So like if you can see what you can get in three months with $10, then you can be convinced to put in $1000.


I think it’s the fact that I always say that the naira is falling, devaluation basically.


You know like firstly

I don’t try to force it on you.

I try to make you see how like what you can gain from using the app rather than speaking on the leaderboard competition first.

I’ll say, “oh, this is what you stand to gain from the app.

These are the asset classes, this is what you can do with it.”

I don’t say “oh you are coming to do this for me, it’s for you first then me” do you get?


Already like the Ponzi scheme thing that has been happening in the past, some people already knowing about that, they’ll say
“oh I hope that you’re not about to take my money again

or I already know about these things they’ll crash later.” And all of that.

But like, I don’t try to force it on you so already I feel like that’s already going to convince them that it’s not something

that’s fake or that’s going to crash in a bit.

I wasn’t really referring people a lot.

I think my roommates, is like the only person I put on,

and maybe like a couple of other friends, but like I wasn’t doing actively, but like money is a good motivating factor.

So yeah, I would say that. And I’m very competitive, so I like healthy competition.

I’ll just say like talk to more people.

Like don’t be scared to walk up to people, talk to them about it because like some of the people that I didn’t think that would even accept to you know sign up, they did and they put good money there.

Yeah, basically.

So if I wanted to ask you, what should I tell them?

Like, what would you tell me?

Just tell them like what they stand to gain from the app, like the experience, your own experience on the app.

Like you obviously had like a seamless experience from.

That’s the only reason why you’ll be able to refer people.

Yeah, basically.