We are excited to announce Teni Apata as our first-ever brand ambassador!

The award-winning musician represents and connects with the ideal Riser – young, confident and talented Nigerians who despite their savvy often lack access to a well-managed investment portfolio that would help them achieve their financial goals.

According to Teni, she loves Rise as a product because of the opportunity it offers to build a long-lasting legacy of wealth. “I want to make absolutely sure that my financial future is secure, not just for me but also for my future generation. And Rise gives everyone, including me, a simple way to get high-quality investments.”

Through this partnership, Rise is aiming to reach out to a broad class of both younger and older Nigerians who care about financial success and want to do it the Rise way.

“Teni sings about success, upliftment and having pride in where you’re from. She is an avid saver and investor and a huge fan of Rise. And her music resonates with everyone. That made it an easy decision to trust her with our message” says Eke, CEO of Rise.