In a positive and very welcome development, the Abuja Federal High Court has unfrozen our bank accounts. According to them, we now have “unfettered access” to our accounts.

We have been engaging with CBN to make sure that all the issues raised in the initial announcement and all relevant issues around our business are properly resolved and that we continue to do our work in a safe, compliant and beneficial way. So, this news pleases us greatly. We’ll continue to work with them and all regulators to ensure that our operations stay on the right side of the law. 

During this time, users have been funding and withdrawing as normal and all our services have continued to run. Also, our US operations continue unhindered.

We thank everyone, especially our amazing users, investors and community for their counsel, encouragement and support. Our mission to connect our users to the best wealth opportunities locally and globally continues and we are excited to continue that journey with you all! 

Thank you.