Have you noticed how almost everyone you meet has a side hustle these days? Yes, side hustles have existed since before our dads kept afros but the internet has given us the gift of scale in a way that our parents never experienced or imagined. 

Having multiple income sources gives us choices, helps us reach our financial goals quicker, and gives us freedom.

At the Rise Investment Club, we’ve been having conversations about increasing our earnings and multiplying our income streams. In May, we spoke with Uzezzi Edegware, a lawyer and freelancer about earning on Upwork (ICYMI:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFARHc0fYmE)

We are back at it for July’s edition with Modupe “Moe” Odele.

If you are active on Nigerian Twitter, you most likely know Moe. She is an attorney and entrepreneur living in the U.S who is passionate about law, entrepreneurship and investing.

As part of her journey as an entrepreneur, Moe creates and sells digital products like courses for professionals who want to become consultants. During this month’s club meeting she will share insights with us on how we can create and sell digital products to earn additional income.

There are two ways to build wealth. You can reduce your expenses or you can expand your income streams. We lean towards the latter.

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