US homeowners continue to reap returns in the US housing markets as rents for single-family houses and apartments continue to trend upwards, putting the Rise real estate portfolio in a prime position to deliver even higher returns.

Rents of single-family houses across the US jumped by 12.6% in January. The spike is the highest the housing market has experienced over the last 12 months and represents the 10th month in a row of record rent increases.

All indicators show that the rental market is heating up, as would-be buyers of houses increasingly turn to rentals because they can’t find and can’t afford their dream houses.

Meanwhile, due to historic stimulus payments and increased wages, renters are bringing significant incomes and paying rent on time.

Historically, low numbers of homes for sale and skyrocketing home sale prices fuel the rental demand. This means it is an excellent time to invest in the Rise real estate portfolio, which primarily comprises single-family apartments.

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