Smoother. Better. 100% managed by experts.

When we set out to build Rise it started with an idea. Then we started speaking to potential users to get a sense of what they wanted and what they were missing, then we started to build.

Few months after our initial product launch, we quickly realized that our users have more advanced demands because their lifestyle is continually changing. So, we took their feedback and made something out of it.

For the past months, we have been building — adding new features and making old features better. After months of hard work, it is our pleasure to introduce the new Rise to you. We are pretty proud of what we’ve built and we hope that you love it, use it, and never stop raving about it.

Version one was to test our hypothesis. We knew Nigerians needed access to global investment opportunities but we needed to validate that knowledge. V2 is a product completely shaped by you. One that addresses your financial needs and seamlessly provides access to the best wealth-creating opportunities in the world.

Our vision for this new build is to help you make progress toward financial independence and freedom, beyond just earning exciting returns. This is why we introduced the Build Wealth feature. Our desire to give you more investment options and improve your experience while making you more financially literate spawned the advisory feature.

We are also excited about the fact that you can now send money to other Rise users and save for any goal of your choice.

From the massively improved user interface to the upgraded wallet transactions, to the detailed graphical display of returns, it’s easy to find a feature to love. However, away from the product is a wealth journey, which is why the “build wealth” plan is a feature we expect you to fall in love with, it gives you the opportunity to create a single plan with all the asset classes. Simply put “Fund one plan, earn returns on multiple asset classes”

The new Rise would not be possible without the Rise team, input from our beta testers, and you the user for your ideas. We basically put the features together, the rest was all you. Thank you.

This is the new Rise. Enjoy!