Most people make lofty resolutions for their finances every new year, then somehow lose steam before the end of January. We want to help you keep track and achieve your goals.

So here are 7 steps that will help you stick to and achieve your new year money resolutions in 2020:

  1. Keep the goals achievable: Don’t make a laundry list of resolutions. It’s okay to be ambitious but also prioritize the few very important things you are going to achieve and focus on them. Trying to achieve everything is a recipe for burnout and then you end up doing none. Pick one or two important goals and keep them in view throughout.
  2. Make your resolutions specific: Rather than say “I want to invest more this year”, say “I want to invest 1 million Naira by November 30th, 2020” and start counting down every naira you invest. You’re more likely to achieve your goal that way. 
  3. SMART acronym for goal setting: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. 
  4. Write your goal down and stick it on your bathroom mirror, or your work desk, or on your laptop, or on your screensaver on the phone or computer. Basically put it somewhere you will see it daily and take steps towards it. Maybe Create a vision board and post pictures of the item you’re reaching for somewhere you can see it as a daily reminder. 
  5. Break your goals into smaller steps: For instance, if you want to invest 1million Naira by the end of the year then you know you should invest 20,000 every week (you can totally do this on Rise, in dollars). N1m may sound much but you know if you are able to put away 20k every week. That’s easier to measure and keep up with). And if you skip a week, it’s cool. Just continue next week. 
  6. Schedule a check-in for yourself every three months: Am I on track? Do I need to pick up my pace? It’s also a great opportunity for your accountability partner to work with you. 
  7. Reward yourself: If you’re doing well, reward your progress for it with something nice like a fun dinner or a nice dress. If you’re not, redraw the plan and refocus.