2021 is about to breathe its last as the festive season is a few weeks away. It has been a long year which calls for December rocks, but amidst the rocks, it is important to remember that January has 59 days. 

Christmas is a time when people splurge and spend too much money, especially if you are the type that loves everything about Christmas. The music, the food, the decorations, the sales and most importantly the gifts exchange. 

While it is great to unwind, it is important to know that in December so many of us get carried with the spirit and then live in debt in January. This week, we’re sharing tips on how to enjoy your December on a good budget. 

Make a budget and stick to it

It is important to create a December budget and find a way to stick to it. When creating the budget, include everything that you would spend money on this December, things such as donations, gifts, Christmas decorations, transportation, clothes, drinks, groceries and the likes. The goal of having a December budget is that it will help you to avoid spending above what you can afford. 

Find Cheap but great restaurants

This is not the time for you to start spending money on vibes because of aesthetics. There are restaurants and lounges that are cheap but they sell great foods. Do your research, visit food bloggers pages on Instagram and find restaurants that serve dope meals at affordable prices. Tips, Opeyemi Famakin’s page has the tea on what restaurants you should visit. 

Organize get-togethers with your friends

In the comfort of your home, have a little get together. This is the best way to catch up with friends you haven’t seen all year and family members that are busy hustling to chill. The best part is, you get to have actual conversations without having to raise your voice and strain your ears over the din of loud music. Here’s where it’s financially responsible: you don’t have to pay for much. Get everyone to bring their own booze or contribute to the meal at the party and there you have it, fun from the comfort of your home.

You can’t attend all the concerts in Lagos

If you make a list of everything happening in December, chances are that you’ll conclude on the fact that 80% appeal to you. But that’s actually not true. A lot of the time, it’s our fear of missing out that pushes us to go to events — everyone will be there. It’s more financially responsible to choose a select few concerts and events and stick to them. This will also save you from burning out after. 

Invest in Thoughtful gifts

Homemade presents are great ways to save money while creating something memorable. These gifts might not work for everyone on your list, but they’re good options for some. The gifts could be anything from a photobook to a bottle of wine they like. Or cook them a meal, help them around the house or take them somewhere nice for a change. You don’t need to outdo yourself or anyone else to show your appreciation. As they say, it’s the thought that counts

Secret Santa helps you to save costs

If you work in a large organization or have a large family, buying gifts for everyone can make you spend above your budget.  A fun, easy way to get around that is to plan what is commonly called a Secret Santa gift exchange. Everyone draws a name without telling who it is and buys just for that person. Usually, there is a moderate spending limit imposed, and the element of surprise at a gift-exchange time adds to the fun. 

Inexpensive places to have fun

Elegushi beach, Tarkwa bay and Oniru all cost below 2,000 to have fun entering the beach. If you’re not the beach kind of person, Lekki Conservation Centre, Nike art Gallery, Freedom Park are also within the range and if you need to take a break from the bustling and hustling life in Lagos, take a train trip to Ibadan or Abeokuta and see the tourist attractions in these states. You can also go out in groups with your friends, this also helps you save bills because different people are chipping in. 

Avoid loans; don’t start January with a negative Balance

There is the possibility of dorime getting into your head during the festive season and this might push you to go above your budget. It might also twist your mind into borrowing a few thousand. While dorime might be sweet it is important for you to think about how you will meet your financial obligations when they are due. Especially in January, which has 59 days. 

Gift Yourself a Rise plan

There are many ways you can flex Detty December without ruining your bank account.  And now that we’ve helped you save some money this December, let’s tell you how to use that money to make money in a very financially responsible way.  Rise is structured to have you invest steady amounts every month and have the funds invested and managed by our experts and our platform, so you can focus on living your life. 

Most importantly, remember to stay safe.