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In light of the prevailing economic challenges in Nigeria, we initiated our Earn in Dollars Series in February with Deji Anubi leading the discussion on “How To Build An Agricultural Export Business from Nigeria.

The primary objective of this series is to offer practical strategies for Nigerians to mitigate the effects of inflation, economic instability, poverty, and the fluctuation of the Naira, enabling them to increase their earnings and generate income in a reliable foreign currency such as the Dollar.

Our guest speaker, Deji Anubi, is the Managing Director of Eden Foods Limited, a company focused on exports with products reaching markets in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, and Scotland.

Our session with Deji was engaging and informative. He shared firsthand experiences of beginning and successfully growing his agricultural export business from Nigeria.

When asked about his business’s current success, Deji remarked, “It was definitely worth selling everything I owned for pennies and even facing bankruptcy.”

We put together some excerpts from the session.

  • It took approximately 3-4 years to navigate the intricacies of the export process and procedures, especially since limited information was available regarding exporting agricultural products to the UK at the time. However, Deji graciously shared some of these processes during our session, significantly reducing the time it would take for others to grasp the same knowledge.
  • Deji made a difficult decision to sell his juice company at a fraction of its value after investing a considerable amount of money into it. This enabled him to venture into agricultural exports. He took the proactive step of reaching out to UK authorities via cold emails to gain insights into their regulations.
  • Proper planning before delving into any business venture is crucial. It serves as the driving force that sustains motivation even in the face of failures, knowing that success is inevitable in the long run.
  • Identifying and addressing an unmet need or providing a solution to a problem that few are tackling can lead to substantial rewards. The potential benefits of such ventures are immense.
  • Adherence to UK procedures and regulations is paramount, including product standards, packaging requirements, and labeling specifications. In the agricultural export sector, meticulous attention to detail is essential, encompassing documentation processes and ensuring product condition meets the stringent requirements to prevent rejection by export authorities.

Need more of these excerpts, we made a video for you. Watch 👇

Our meetups are always a blast, packed with fun, valuable insights, networking opportunities, and exciting prospects—a huge shoutout to Deji for leading this fantastic session, and heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated.

Mark your calendars for our next session on March 30th: “Earn in Dollar Series II: How To Monetize Your Skillset Through Digital Channels.” If you’ve struggled with personal finance, feel clueless about investments, or are uncertain where to put your money, we’d love to have you join us.

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