Investing can seem daunting, especially for those new to the financial world. However, with Risevest, the process becomes not only easy but also enjoyable. In this article, we’ll explore five compelling arguments to convince your friends to join Risevest. 

But before we go further- Introducing your friends and family to Risevest comes with an exciting bonus – a Refer and Earn program that rewards you with a 3% commission whenever you fund a plan for a year. Only users with a minimum investment of $50 qualify for this enticing opportunity. Now let’s continue…

 First, they might ask, “why do I even need to start investing?”

There are many reasons why investing is essential. One of the most important ones is that your money grows when you invest, making it easier to achieve your financial goals, especially when you take advantage of compounding.

Another reason why investing is important is that it can help protect your wealth from inflation. Inflation can erode the value of your money over time, but if you invest in assets such as stocks or bonds, the return on those investments can help offset the effects of inflation. 

Finally, investing can also provide you with an income stream in retirement. If you invest in assets such as dividend-paying stocks or high-yield bonds, you can generate regular income payments that will help support you during retirement.

So now, why invest in Rise?

1- Quick and Easy Sign-up Process:

One of the most common barriers to entry in investing is the perceived complexity of getting started. Risevest breaks down this barrier with an easy sign-up process that takes just a few minutes. 

By streamlining the onboarding experience, Risevest ensures that new users can dive into the investing world without the hassle of lengthy paperwork or complicated procedures. Getting started on Rise is easy. All you need to do is download the app on the Apple or Play Store app or visit our website to sign up. If you already have an account, sign in to your account here. After signing up and confirming your details, you fund your account. We accept payments through various payment options, including bank transfers and debit cards.

Once funded, you can choose your investment options according to your risk appetite and begin your investing journey on Rise. 

2- No Account Minimum – Start with What You Have:
OK, that’s a slight overstatement. You will need a dollar to open an account.

Many potential investors shy away from investing, believing they lack enough capital to start. Risevest eliminates this concern by having no account minimum. Whether you have a substantial sum or just a small amount to spare, you can start your investment journey without any restrictions. Rise is a product that allows you to automatically invest in global dollar investments straight from your naira account.  We make dollar savings and investment easy and convenient with no account minimums and assets ranging from US real estate, US stocks, fixed income and more. This means you’ll invest like the ultra-wealthy, and earn stable returns and never experience naira inflation or devaluation again. 

3- Your funds are Safe
Investing can be risky, and safety is a top priority for any potential investor. Yes, your investments are safe on Rise. We are fully registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the highest standard of regulatory oversight in the investment industry. Our US SEC licence protects you as an investor and allows us to enter into more global partnerships and bring additional offerings to you beyond just dollar investments.
Through our subsidiary, Chaka, we are also licensed by the Nigerian SEC, having the first fintech SEC licence in the country, so you can rest doubly assured that your investments are safe and secure locally, too. 

It is also important to note that Rise, with all its properties, is a legal entity registered and incorporated in Nigeria, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Cayman Islands. We are duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission as RiseVest Technologies Limited with RC number 1622382, providing financial services under a Cooperative licence with number LSCS 17080.

Additionally, we have a trusteeship arrangement with Meristem Trustees Limited, a reputable financial institution, and our official SEC-approved trustees, who act as custodians of assets on behalf of Risevest’s clients. This trustee relationship protects investors, assuring them that a trusted third party securely holds their assets.

Our stock investments are also insured up to $500,000 by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), and other investments are provided by regulated third parties in relevant jurisdictions.

Four: Lower management fees. No Hidden Fees or Surprises

Financial platforms often come with hidden fees that can eat into your returns. When we built Rise, our vision was to give you an intelligent investment manager in your pocket. Our product scans through some of the best assets from all around the world and gives you seamless access to them in dollars. And because we believe in being the best partners for your financial growth, we designed our fee structure so that we only make money when we make you money. We also recently dropped the management fee from 2% of assets under management annually to 1% for those under $1,000 and ONLY 0.5% for users with more than $1,000 under management. 
We lowered our fees because we believe that our incentives and yours must be aligned. Lower fees for us mean higher returns for you. Higher returns for you mean you’re achieving your goals faster. And because we want you to achieve your goals faster, we constantly look for ways to charge you less.

Five: Stress-free wealth management 

Once you’ve invested in your chosen investment options, you can sit back and watch your money grow. We have a team of experts whose job is to conduct market research, invest your money in high-quality assets, and monitor your investments.

Another safety element for our users is our commitment to safe investments reflected in our principles of sound fundamentals and the due diligence we undertake to ensure we pick the best assets for you. We strategically invest in stocks with a long-term horizon of 5-10 years, focusing on companies with resilient business models poised to thrive and create enduring value for investors, irrespective of the prevailing macroeconomic conditions.

Our stock selection process is stringent, aiming for only the cream of the crop. This process involves meticulous analysis, drawing insights from 13Fs filed by prominent fund managers or employing a top-down sectoral approach. Our investment thesis centres on a balanced risk profile, targeting moderate risk with the potential for moderate to high returns.

Our real estate properties are also 100% insured against loss, damage, and natural disasters. We capitalise on rising property values, rental income, and market demand by strategically acquiring and managing a diversified range of properties.

One of our primary objectives for our fixed income is to generate steady and predictable cash flow for our investors by carefully selecting high-quality fixed-income securities, such as government and corporate bonds.

Beyond generating returns, we prioritise robust risk management practices for your dollar investments. Our portfolio is structured to avoid overexposure to any specific sector, ensuring proper diversification across high-growth sectors, defensive stocks, and dividend-yielding assets.

Since 2019, our track record speaks volumes, with three out of the past five years witnessing us outperforming the market. As of 2023, our year-to-date performance aligns seamlessly with current market dynamics, reflecting our commitment to consistently delivering value to our investors.

Bonus point: The More You Invest, the Better it Gets:

Risevest rewards commitment to your financial goals. The platform’s unique feature ensures that the more you invest, the better your experience becomes. This could mean lower fees, exclusive investment opportunities, or enhanced customer support. We recently rolled out a new experience for premium customers. Our avenue is to provide a better experience and more personal service to our best users.  

Now. If your friend still isn’t convinced, tell them to email us at [email protected]. We’ll close the deal. And we’ll still give you the 3% affiliate fee.