When people ask you, what do you do? What do you tell them?

I work as a Product Manager (Technical and Marketing) for a Software company.

What does financial wealth mean to you?

Financial wealth is the totality of all your cash, assets and investments, that can be liquidated or converted for transaction or valuation purposes. 

Any assets that have a monetary value other than social wealth.

How did you start investing   

I started investing in stocks in Mid-2019. That was the first investment I did, I am currently investing in cryptocurrency. 

There weren’t a lot of resources with stocks then so I had to pay someone to invest on my behalf, he shared updates with me.

So what propelled you to invest in stocks

I have a relative-turned-mentor who was into stock investment. He was the one that introduced me to stock trading, he gave me the resources to read on. 

From him, I learned what stock to buy, how much to invest in each stock. And what will help decide the tenure of the stock. 

What stocks did you first buy?

FNKO( Funko Incorporation) my mentor purchased it on my behalf though. But I was getting updates from him.

How do you approach investing today?

As of today, I’m kind of bullish with my investments. There was a time I was hesitant in the past because I was not knowledgeable about how investing works. 

Now, I’ve improved.  I can trust my position to invest. Now I can go as far as investing 80% of my monthly salary. 

What does it mean to be bullish??

So, being bullish means you don’t overthink the risk that could come with investing.  Because you have done your due diligence.

What tools do you use to invest today?

Well for now I use Risevest and Trove to invest. I also run a demo account on Investopedia, to follow up on the readings. It’s a very great resource to learn faster.

I used WealthNG in the past to play around with Nigerian stocks, it wasn’t a terrible experience.

What investing hill are you willing to die on?

Cryptocurrency is going to be the next big thing in the next five years, which is only for those who can hold it till then. 

What has been your wildest gain since you started investing?

It was when I did almost 300% of my capital in 2019.  

300%???  How long did that take you?

I started managing my investments by late 2019 thereabout. I signed up on WealthNG in June 2019. I only paid someone to invest and handle everything for me.

What has been your wildest loss

Hmm…   None. but I sold my XRP quite early at loss and now it’s all up again.

What is the secret to not losing money?

Do not start looking at what is happening currently.  Right now, I have some stocks in my Portfolio that have dropped by 47%. And the only reason why I am not bothered about it is that I have spare cash to do whatever I want to do. 

You need to have spare cash, don’t invest today and take away your investment tomorrow.  Always play the long game but some folks are winning big with day trading as well, you can try your luck

What is the hardest decision you have had to make since you started investing?

My enjoyment has been the hardest decision, investing has been more of a sacrifice. 

Before you started investing, is there anything you wished you had known?

Yes, I wish I had known about penny stocks,  I started learning about cheap stocks in mid-2020, 

Cheap Stocks? 

Cheap stocks are those stocks that are less than a hundred dollars. I  even go as far as getting the ones that are less than 20 dollars sometimes. And believe me, in six months they will go as high as 50% or 100% or as the case might be. follow Yewande @yewiedewie on Twitter to learn more about cheap stocks.

What does a dream investment look like to you?

70% in crypto and 30% in stock.  It’s a dream for me because crypto is the future.   

How does it compare to your reality today?

I’m far from it because I have a figure in mind that I want to start with and I am yet to achieve that. In summary, I am far from it. Like now I don’t have an emergency fund so this is something I will like to consider before I go on that adventure… 

How do you feel about your investment position generally?

Right now, I am not very proud of it, but I am not doing badly.

What will you say to a beginner about investing?

Don’t rush it. Ask questions and be willing to pay for resources.  And always remember to Follow who sabi road.

Google Finance is a great way to keep an eye on how stocks are performing and how the media is affecting them.