When people ask you what you do, what do you tell them?

I tell them I’m a man of many talents. Haha, just kidding. I’m a guy that just does what’s needed. I’ve dipped my hands in so many things; Products, Business Development, Engineering, Media and Marketing.

How did you start investing?

Hmm, I don’t remember, but the concept of investing was imbibed in us (children in my family) at an early age. My dad bought us “Richest Man in Babylon”, I wasn’t much of a reader, so I only got to read it many years later from someone else. 

My first memorable investment was saving for a car in 2018. I used a digital bank, that was offering above-market interest rates to save for 3 years. And since then, I’ve focused on such types of savings with new-age innovative apps and platforms.

I tried mutual bonds but mahn, the interest rates were so low, I almost cried. LOL.

How do you approach investing today?

I remove a percentage of my income for savings and then invest from the savings. Actual numbers range from 40-50%, I wonder how long I can keep that for, LOL.

Tried to forget (invest) money in crypto (I’m very conservative here), digital banks (w/savings platform) and wealth tech. When Agritechs were hot, I got in too and made a decent ROI.

When did you start using RiseVest? 

I always knew about wealth techs like Risevest. I downloaded the app to experience the redesign. But I didn’t have any money in it till April this year. My babe and I did a dollar-denominated transaction, and since she uses Risevest, I asked her to send me the money on my RiseVest. So, that’s how I funded my RiseVest account.

My portfolio is a mix of Real Estate, Stocks, and Fixed Income, in that order. 

What do you think about the redesign?

I think it’s aesthetically pleasing and contains valuable content like news & updates etc.

What is the investing hill you are willing to die on?

No genuine investment gives 30% in a month. LMAO.

What is your wildest gain since you started investing? 

Gain? It must have been on a 20% per month investment. It sounded and acted like a Ponzi, but I chose to believe the best in people, LOL. 

Last last, I just say make I try am once or twice. Thankfully, I didn’t do more than that. Last I heard the “crypto” scheme had crashed. Didn’t have any money in it at that time. 

Have you made any losses since you started investing?

Maybe I’m losing money on my crypto position, but the amount I put is so insignificant, I don’t check. 

I think overall, I’m conservative. I once heard a good investor doesn’t lose money…so on some days, that drives my decisions. 

I just end up saving my money. 

What does a dream investment look like to you? 

Dream investment is to invest in a startup. 

How does this investment compare with your reality?

In comparison to my reality, I’m living in it. Making a big-small bet with BCSL (the Publisher of benjamindada.com).  But beyond that, I want to invest in a tech startup. Own and work towards having ROIs in multiples.

What will you tell a beginner about investment?

Save first. Investment can be a % of your savings. Plus, when you look at it, savings are a form of low-risk investments, because you get interest in your savings which is the Return on Investment (RoI).  Secondly, diversify your investment portfolio. Do some low-risk, medium-risk and high-risk investments, based on the stage of life you are in and what you are looking for.

The Golden investment rule is no risk, no return. High risk, high return.

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