What is Rise?

Rise is a product that connects Nigerians to foreign investment opportunities by offering Fixed Income securities, Real Estate, and stocks. 

Several stock investment options exist in the Nigerian market, but they only offer stock options. We do two things differently. First, we act as a fund manager this means we don’t let you figure out which stocks to buy instead we invest on your behalf in expertly selected high-performing companies. Secondly, We have three investment channels depending on your risk appetite and they all offer decent returns. 

Our Products 

We offer three asset classes to help you create a healthy investment portfolio. You can invest in any Rise product from as low as 10 dollars.

Fixed Income: Fixed income securities or eurobonds are investments that pay a fixed amount of interest within the agreed investment period. They are set for a specific period with guaranteed returns. The risk is lower than stocks and because of that, returns are also lower. Eurobonds are perfect for people with a very low appetite for risk.

Real Estate: This plan allows us to invest your funds into a portfolio of high-demand commercial properties. The risk here is higher than with eurobonds because several situations like a pandemic, for instance, can impact rental income. Because of this, real estate returns are higher than eurobonds but less than stocks because property prices are more stable but also don’t compound as rapidly or appreciate as quickly as stocks. 

Stocks: Investing in stocks has the highest risk compared to real estate and eurobonds. With stocks, it’s possible to double your money in one year and it’s also possible to see the value of your investments drop within the same period. If you have a huge risk appetite and want to own a part of great businesses, this is for you.


We charge a management fee of 1.5% and 2%  depending on how much returns you make on your investment. 

If your returns are 10% or less we don’t charge anything. If they are more than 10% but less than or equal to 15%, we charge 1.5%. If you earn more than 15% in returns, we charge 2%.

Why we ask for BVN

First is because we can’t say no to the government. The BVN requirement is a government regulation that applies to financial institutions – banks, investment companies, and fintechs.

Secondly, your BVN is the easiest way for us to confirm your identity. Also, your BVN keeps your money safer by making it harder for your identity to be stolen.

What we do with your BVN

When you type in your BVN, we compare it with the government database to make sure it’s yours. 

We don’t save it and we can’t use it to access your bank account(s) and we definitely don’t sell it.


Rise members are secured through our cooperatives license, which allows us to invest on their behalf, and report holdings to the Lagos State Government. Our investment assets are held in our registered investment advisory entity in the US, in partnership with other regulated third parties. We also have an ongoing process with our investor ARM Holdings, as well as the SEC to set up additional regulatory frameworks for our cross border investments.


Withdrawing your funds takes 3-5 working days. It takes this long because your funds are invested in the US so liquidating, converting, and processing takes some time which is a good thing because money is a delicate matter. 

It is also for the safety of your funds because we have to run fraud checks for every withdrawal to make sure it’s the rightful owner making the withdrawal.

Steps to link your card or bank

Linking your card or bank account is secure and saves you the hassle of entering your information every time you want to fund your plan.

Step 1: Log in to your app and go to ‘Account’

Step 2: Select ‘Bank & Cards’

Step 3: Click the ‘+ ‘ symbol 

Step 4: Enter card details and save 

If you have further questions, please send us a message on [email protected], @risevest on Twitter, or join our telegram group here.