One of the top New Year’s resolutions we often have is to make more money. If you started this year with the resolve to make more money, here are seven tested and trusted ways to help you make more money in 2022.

Negotiate a higher salary

If you currently work a 9-5 and have delivered great results in 2021, you can ask your employer for higher pay to reward you for all your hard work. We put together a list of helpful tips on how you can go about negotiating a pay rise here. If you’re a freelancer or business, you can raise your rates.

Switch jobs

If you have hit the salary cap at your current place of work, you can start looking for jobs that pay higher. Sometimes the easiest way to get a bump is to find a new job. Research has shown that moving between companies is the fastest way to secure higher pay from an employer. While the job market is currently very tough, there’s always a place for high performers with skills that are in high demand. If that’s you, brush up your CV, start talking to recruiters, and set your LinkedIn profile to send you notifications when jobs suitable for you are open.

Learn a new skill and move to a different profession

You can also learn a completely different set of skills and move into a different profession altogether. In today’s fast-paced world, there are so many opportunities opening up that don’t require you to have a degree in it; they only need you to have the skills. 

Good examples are skills like data analytics, SEO optimization, tech support, decentralized finance analysis, remote customer support, email marketing, systems administration, and several others. You just need to look at the options available, find the one that interests you the most, or you can learn easiest and start learning the skills and look for opportunities to work for those companies.

Monetize your skills

Look into monetizing one of the things you’re already great at or something you do often. Do you enjoy planning events, or are you great at bringing people together? Are you great with numbers or art? Do you enjoy doing research; the gig economy is growing massively; there might be a place for you.


Teach people how to do something you are great at. Ask yourself or people that know you really well, what are some skills that you are really good at that they might want to learn from you? Are you a wizard with software people struggle with? You can have online classes to teach people how to use it.

Meet a need and create a business around it

Think of something or ask your friends what the things they need that they can’t seem to find anywhere. Look into how you can meet that need and if it’s profitable to do it, meet that need and charge a fee for doing it.

Be part of the sharing economy

If you have a spare room in your house, you can list it on Airbnb, or if you’re not comfortable with people coming in and out of your home quite often, you can rent it out to someone permanently. If you have a car, you can look into giving rides to people who live along the same axis and might be going in the same direction as you and offer to take them along with you for a fee. We spoke to someone who currently does this. Read his story here. You can partner with someone you trust highly, give them a car to run Uber/Bolt with, and split the profits.

After you make more money, don’t forget to pay yourself more by investing more of it. Start an investment plan today with us at Rise.