Whenever the naira exchange rate drops against the dollar, our customers are happy. This is because they chose Rise, which means that the value of their wealth is well preserved and not impacted by any devaluation. And for that, we couldn’t be more proud of the work that we do.

Yet, we’d like to reiterate that the purpose of Rise is not to provide a platform to make exchange gains. Exchange gains only often come as an addition to what you stand to gain with Risevest.

Risevest currently has 4 custom plans that you can invest in; Fixed Income, Real Estate, Stock, and personalised retirement plan called Build Wealth.

As can be observed from the table, each asset has returned a real rate good enough to help you compound wealth over time even if the exchange rate remains the same over the period.

So let’s talk about why you should choose Risevest notwithstanding the exchange rate. 

Inflation beating returns on dollar assets 

All assets that you can invest in with Rise have all historically given returns that are above the inflation rate of the dollar. That is to say, you are indeed getting wealthier every day that you choose Rise.

Investment in a stable and predictable economy

There is an advantage and a level of comfort that comes with knowing that your money is invested in one of the most stable and predictable economies in the world; the US. The US has always been a pioneer of innovation and wealth creation. It currently accounts for 55% of the total world stock market value. And your money is invested in that market. Meaning you also have exposure to all the potential upsides that the best companies in the world are creating.

Exposure to the best investment opportunities around the world

Because the US is the financial capital of the world, it serves as a hub of convergence for the best companies around the world. From Asia to Europe and from Africa to North America all companies of great quality around the world seek to be present in the United States. And once they do, through Risevest, you can have exposure to them.

Rise investment club and community 

The journey to building wealth doesn’t have to be lonely. When you have burning questions about wealth accumulation, wealth management, and wealth creation, you shouldn’t have to look for answers in some distant miles away. That’s why we have the Rise Investment Club and its thriving community for you. You don’t have to think you are alone on this journey again. Rise is home to all who are on a journey to build wealth. 

Rise commitment to education 

Through our club, meetings, newsletters, and MoneyRise we provide quality money and life education to our members. Our blog is full of well-researched articles, our meeting guests are leading professionals who come to share their secrets and our club is home to people of like minds. All this is because we believe education is part of what makes wealth building easier and we want you to find it easy.

The security of your investment 

If there is a common theme about investment in Nigeria, it is the fact that at least either you or someone you know has fallen victim to one investment scam or the other in the past. For that, we are genuinely sorry. However, that’s also why we exist, to put an end to innocent people falling for investment scams by providing a superior investment product and education to our members. At Rise, our assets are invested in transparent and verifiable assets. And those assets are regulated by various authorities across our different regions of operation. So we are here to stay and we aren’t going anywhere. And your investment will always be safe with us bearing in mind the risk profile of each asset. 

Stress-free wealth management opportunity 

Can you do a quick scroll back up and look through that return table again? Please do so. All that return you get without doing anything other than giving us your money to manage for you. That’s what we call stress-free wealth management. When you are freed to do what you love doing while we work day and night with a team of professionals to make sure that your money works for you and accumulate wealth in the process.

These 7 benefits you get with Risevest every day that you choose us. And we do these for you with pride expecting not much in return. Yes, not much because this mission isn’t about us, it’s about you. It’s about giving you an opportunity to build wealth and preserve the value of your wealth at the same time. Our commitment is to you. 

Undoubtedly, as you partner with us and get these 7 benefits, the 8th may show up. Which is the exchange gain. When that shows up, please applaud yourself for that as well. You deserve it. You deserve to hold your wealth in a currency with stable value over one that may be declining in value now and then.